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How to Make a Simple Change That Makes a Big Difference

Front Door – Before

COVID-19 flipped people’s worlds UPSIDE DOWN! Some people have ALL their kids at home now, some stay home for work, some cancelled their vacations and so much more. Being stuck at home isn’t always fun. It makes you realize what you want to remodel or add to your house whether you have the funds to do so or not. Some people wanted to do a BIG change like reside their entire house or add a large deck or even a room addition. However, others did not want to spend quite that much.


what about an entry way or front door…front porch perhaps?

Well, lets take a look at the difference it can make!

Roger Headings crafted this ordinary front door/porch into a beautiful, welcoming entry way for all family and friends to enter. This little change adds so much to the house. Roger replaced the door and got rid of the individual windows. He proceeded to add some barn wood accents. He took 3 barn beams and it completely changed the atmosphere of this porch! It added so much character and life to this entry way.

Doesn’t it look homie?

Front Door – After


People don’t always have to do such drastic changes to make a BIG difference. These “smaller” adjustments can make a difference. People will notice this change right when they walk up to your door.