Top 4 Signs That You Have BAD Windows

We all know windows are important when creating a home. For starters, by law rooms MUST have windows incase of a fire, but more than that windows invite light into the house – they are extremely welcoming. To ensure these important staples in your home are functioning properly, we are going to give you a few tips on how to tell if there is damage being done.
Here are 4 signs that you have BAD windows.

1.) Is your window working properly?

This could mean several different things. If you have a window that moves up and down or side to side, (double hung window) and stops functioning there is a problem. When it gets too hard to open or close or perhaps you cannot open it at all, the window could possibly be too compressed or not compressed enough. When someone installs a window, it can be tedious work. They need to make sure its level and sitting on the frame correctly, as well as making sure they insert enough shims and insulation foam. The shims allow the window to move properly (up down, out and in), while the foam keeps things air-tight (keeping the inside air inside and the outside air outside). Things like this can make the window work properly or not work at all. Therefore, it may be a small adjustment. The window itself may be fine, it was just not installed properly so with a repair, your window can become functional once again.

2.) Is there fog appearing in between the glass?

Yes, windows typically fog up on a hot summer day when you are blasting the air conditioning or on a winter morning when its freezing outside, but the furnace is working extra hard to keep it warm. These two instances are called condensation which is normal and not the issue at hand. Windows are pretty complex in fact they are amazing. Windows all have insulated glass which means there are two pieces with a little space left between them for argon gas (providing insulation). This helps keep the heat or cool air inside the house. If you have fogging going on in between the glass it means you have a bad window seal. The window seal is supposed to keep moisture out, however sometimes this breaks or withers depending on how it was installed.

3.) Are there soft spots or discoloration around your window?

Windows as well as siding and exterior trim become old and eventually, they will need replaced to avoid damage. Therefore, if you are a homeowner and spot some rotting going on around the window, you want to get that checked out right away before it causes more damage. Rot can surprise us, however the earlier you notice it and take-action, the better. Rot can be spotted by noticing soft spots or discoloration within the stucco.

4.) Do you feel a draft while standing beside the window?

If you are standing by your window and feel a draft, there is something majorly wrong. It could mean that you may have a leaky window or quite possibly a hole somewhere. You will want to get this checked out right away before it causes water damage. Water damage can lead to rotting and discoloration.

These are just 4 ways that can help determine if you may have a bad window. We want to advise you to get these issues taken care of right when you notice them because the problem won’t go away on its own. In fact, it might grow and cause more damage, which we ALL WANT TO AVOID.

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